About Us

We are three individuals from three different nations and socio-cultural backgrounds who met online as a result of our mutual interest and respect for the lifeworks of theoretical physicist David Bohm and spiritual figure J. Krishnamurti. We decided to build this website to focus on their shared vision which developed over a period of almost 30 years of working together; and to perhaps correct the many misleading characterizations that have been circling on the web since their passing—including those inferred in the Bohm biography Infinite Potential.

Our intention is to create an environment for proper dialogue about the historical significance of their relationship, and to eventually invite others into the dialogue. We are beginning by sharing each of our perspectives with you, as a means of perhaps establishing a proper foundation for the dialogue. However, we welcome your comments and will endeavor to publish some of them along the way.

Thank you for your attention and interest,

Bill Angelos (Madison, WI, USA)
Matthew Capowski (Edmonton, Canada)
Igor Topilsky (Moscow, Russia)