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A Meeting of the Minds

Mr. Angelos was very fortunate to have known J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm. He considered both men friends, having been personally mentored by them over a period of almost two decades. For the past few years Angelos has been given unprecedented access to the Krishnamurti Archives pertaining to the Krishnamurti–Bohm dialogues and their other recorded interactions. This is his in-depth look into the extraordinary discoveries the two men made during their co-investigation into the nature of Consciousness.

A Passion for Clarity

This is the story of how The Bohm–Krishnamurti Project came about; and includes an actual recording of Professor Bohm and his wife relating to Mr. Angelos the unusual circumstances that led to their meeting J. Krishnamurti.


An Explication of Bohm Dialogue and its relation to Krishnamurti’s form of Meditation.

The David Bohm Ojai Seminars Revisited

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in all of the areas of David Bohm’s lifework—from quantum physics to human communication. Few people realize that he brought all of these elements into play during his extraordinary series of Ojai Seminars on the nature of Consciousness.

The actual source of this proposal—which was written in 2009—is a statement Professor Bohm told Mr. Angelos that he made to noted Science Historian Carl von Weizsacker many years ago. When asked how it was that Bohm—who had reached such heights of recognition and accomplishment as a theoretical physicist—had turned his attention to Consciousness, Bohm answered: “To me it was all one movement.”

There Is No Activism There Is Only Proprioception of Thought

A former activist speaks to why activism lost all meaning.

A Very Personal Conversation with Krishnamurti

Recalling a memorable encounter with the great Teacher.